XS Stimulation Drinks

Get ready to blast your energy levels into high gear with XS Stimulation Drink. High powered adaptogenic herbs mixed with potent levels of B-vitamins and key amino acids make for a rocket-powered lift any time of the day. We have eliminated all the sugar and 95% of the calories so you can energize your body and mind without storing fat. Amazing taste and performance is just a few sips away. Drink up and enjoy XS.

Cranberry-Grape Blast

What they are

A delicious lineup of low-carb, sugar-free beverages especially flavored and formulated to give you a refreshing lift any time of the day.


How they work

Vitamin B, in potent levels, can help increase energy. XS Stimulation Drinks combine B vitamins(including niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, and pantothenic acid) with high-powered adaptogenic herbs and key amino acids. The result is a drink that helps you energize your body and your mind – without too many calories, carbs, fat, or an unnecessary sugar intake.


All of the energy, but no sugar.

Each refreshing flavor of XS Stimulation Drink delivers the powerful punch of B vitamins to help you propel your way through hectic days. But just as important is what XS doesn’t deliver: no sugar. Many other energy drinks use sugar as a stimulant. That means you may experience a “sugar buzz” that gets you going – but you’re also likely to undergo a “sugar crash” that leaves you feeling tired and drained. You’ll also get a lot of empty calories you don’t need.

Because XS Stimulation Drinks contain no sugar, they have just 8-16 calories per can. And there’s no fat, either. Plus, each can contains just 0-2 grams of net available carbohydrates, so XS is suitable for diabetics, an excellent addition to the Atkins® Diet and other low-carb eating plans, and has been approve as 'sinn free' by Slimming World..


How to use

Drink XS whenever you need or desire an energy boost.
Not recommended for persons sensitive to caffeine, under 12 or who are pregnant.


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