Inspection for House/Flat Purchase

We recommend that all of our customers seriously considering a property purchase, whether a domestic or commercial premises, carry out a Periodic Inspection Report. We have found on many occasions that customers have completed their purchase only to discover that a property that appeared modern and well maintained on the surface was in fact disguising a multitude of dangerous electrical problems.

These faults turned into expensive repairs that could have been used to negotiate the purchase price!

    Examples of some typical faults:-:
  • inadequate or non existent earthing
  • old cable crumbling
  • burnt sockets - switches and consumer units
  • non waterproof sockets externally mounted
  • inadequately protected live cables in bathrooms / kitchens
  • safety RCD's bypassed
  • cables damaged by vermin in attics
  • multiple rooms inadequately supplied
  • fuses replaced with copper wire or tin foil
  • incorrect rating of protective devices
  • external supply/lighting not protected by RCD

Current regulations recommend that domestic installations are inspected and tested after no longer than 10 years, commercial installations no longer than 5 years.