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Standard Web Site
Design & Production Rates

Web site work done by WWW is charged on a by-the-hour basis. Current hourly rate is £15, unless otherwise noted. Below are some typical time frames and charges that might be assigned to certain tasks. Typical time needed for task completion is a variable number, the times quoted below are a rough estimate and may fluctuate based upon individual circumstances.
If you have already talked to us and received a quote - then these figures do not apply.

Inital Consultation

First scheduled meeting between Client and WWW Representative to discuss web site concept, target market and expected result from establishing a presence on the internet.
Time: 1 hourFee: no charge

Home Page Creation

Designing the general appearance (theme) of the site. Establishing host for Site and initial Search Engine submission. Page creation with customer supplied text and images.
Time: 3-4 hoursFee: £15/hour

Additional Pages

These pages will be based upon a particular design that follows with the general theme of the site. Page size is best defined by the amount of information that can be contained on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Typically there are 1 - 2 images included on the page. Image preparation is not included in page design time. Page creation with customer supplied text and images.
Time: 1 - 2 hoursFee: £15/hour


Printed images or photos can be scanned into a digital format. Image quality is evaluated on a case by case basis, prior to scanning. Image is scanned and retained in digital format by WWW.
Time: 1/4 - 1/2 hour per imageFee: £8/hour

Digital Photography

Images will be touched up, re-sized and optimised for use on the web. WWW will maintain image quality while reducing file size for faster image download time.
Time: VariousFee: £15/hour

Image Rework

We will photograph your images for use on the internet or reproduction.
Time: N/AFee: £12/hour

Database Design

Database integration into your web site allows for future upgrades to your site without major upheaval in your site design. Pages that draw from the database to be created on the fly allow you to provide up-to-date information simply by updating the database.
Time: VariousFee: £15/hour

Coding Pages to Draw Information from a Database

Each page that relies upon a database for the information it displays needs to "talk" to the database to get the necessary information based upon the user"s request.
Time: 1 hour per pageFee: £15/hour

Email Setup

Establishing, registering and setting up a suitable Email handler, with on-site hands-on practical training.
Time: N/AFee: £12/hour

Data Entry

Data entry from your printed material to a digital format for standard web pages. Text is transferred verbatim from supplied material (unless changes are agreed upon before hand). This rate also applies to entering data into a database if your site is database driven.
Time: N/AFee: £10/hour

Note: All fees will NOT have VAT added
Service Contracts
WWW also offers service contracts with several options tailored to the needs of your business. All contracts include the option of helping keep your page found on the internet.
With thousands of pages being created daily keeping yours as one that is visited is crucial to the success of your web site.
Contact us NOW for more information about contract pricing and other options.
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