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Because first impressions are "Everything" - Your web site should reflect the professional image that makes your company successful.
Walcam Web Works is dedicated to providing the best in web design and most professional look for your company, and we do it without putting a strain on your budget.
If you care about how your company image is portrayed to over 100 million people world wide, contact us.

What are mini web sites?

Mini web sites are a simple way to promote your business. We will create a one page, fully responsive website (including custom graphics) on a site dedicated to promoting your business. This site will be optimized for the top search engines (with embeded SEO) and will link right to your commerial home page (if you have one).

Alternatively, a mini website can be 'free standing' to promote your business or sell a product direct.

What will it look like?

That depends on what you want. If you like, none of Walcam Web Works graphics will be on it (Except the standard 'Created by' tag, of course.) The page will look just like they belong to you, and will be shaped to your requirement.

Take a look at our own mini site by clicking HERE

Why should I do this if I already have a web site?

Simple. These mini web sites are part of a breed of promotion techniques called doorway or gateway pages. They're designed to grab the search engine's attention and push searchers to your web site. Having more pages pointing to your web site for the search engines to catalog means that much better chances of being found by your customers. Your web site will also benefit from the traffic on our site. Having many web sites linked to your site is a cornerstone of Internet advertising, so instead of offering a simple text link, we are offering a full, responsive website.

How much does it cost?

The price for this service is only £60.00 for the full site.

Per month?

No!  It's a one time investment.
[Normal hosting fees will apply if we host your website].
(Small, periodic changes are free if we are hosting the site).

Note: All fees will NOT have VAT added
We can help you take your products and services
from where they are today to where you want them to be tomorrow.

At Walcam Web Works, each customer is seen as unique.  Your web development needs are different to that of any other company's and as such we will use an interview process to mutually determine your Internet needs.
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