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Web Site Development Philosophy

Good web sites don't just happen; they develop through the use of an interactive process that is concerned with meeting the needs of our clients, whilst maintaining the high standards of design and performance we set for ourselves.

Web sites that meet WWW’s expectations and those of our client only result from a collaborative synergy between our client and us. A synergy that grows as the site develops. At WWW, we work closely with the client throughout all stages of the design process, ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved.

These results are assured through using WWW.

Web Site Development Methodology

Assess Requirements
In this first stage we aim to fully understand our clients requirements for a World Wide Web site. The basis of this stage is a shared understanding of the client’s web site ‘needs’ (usually defined in terms of a "business case").

WWW will work closely with the client towards the development of a business case, as the structure and design of the site will depend largely on our understanding of the client’s requirements and expected benefits.
The deliverable for this stage is a written proposal with recommendations for the development of a web site.

Site Plan
With our client’s requirements as a basis, WWW will proceed within stage two to plan the layout (structure) of the site. At the same time, WWW will prepare draft graphics options for consideration at the first client project meeting. These graphics will form the basis of the home page design and the page templates for the other sections and pages of the web site.
The deliverables for this stage are an agreed site structure and approval of the draft graphic design for the home page and template(s) for the rest of the site.

Site Construction
WWW will now work towards the completion of the site. Opportunity to review the site as it develops will be available, and changes to the site will be made in response to written feedback (usually by e-mail or fax). WWW has a secure on-line demonstration and testing area - enabling the client to view progress at any time over the Web.
The deliverable for this stage is a prototype site.

Client evaluation
Towards the end of the construction stage, WWW will provide the client with a completed Web Site, within our secure on-line area. The client can test the site at their convenience and provide WWW with details of any final enhancements for incorporation in the site.
The deliverable for this stage is an approved World Wide Web site.

The completed site is loaded onto a web server on the Internet. This may be a server belonging to the client's organisation or a server supplied by a suitable Internet Service Provider (ISP). The loaded site is then tested to ensure all features proven on the prototype site function correctly on the host server.
The deliverable for this stage is a fully functional World Wide Web Site.

To enable web users to locate a client’s site, it is necessary in this final stage to register the site with major "search engines". In close consultation with our client, WWW will prepare a set of descriptions & keywords (meta-tags) to be used in the registration process.
WWW will also activate and inform the various search engine spiders to visit the site and index its content.
The deliverable for this stage is a Web Site registered on the Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
To enable the search engines to effectively index a website, internal help should be offered to the search engine spiders. This help is referred to as SEO. WWW includes SEO within the initial design and build of the website - it is not 'added on later'. There are numerous additions that can be included in the internal code of a website to assist a search engine spider to fully understand what a web site is trying to say - and subsequently index that information effectively.
The deliverable for this stage is an effective entry on Search Engine results.

Following completion and registration of a site, clients can opt for on-going minor maintenance (1 hour per month) or full site maintenance (as per an agreement).

We can help you take your products and services
from where they are today to where you want them to be tomorrow.
At Walcam Web Works, each customer is seen as unique.  Your web development needs are different to that of any other company's and as such we will use an interview process to mutually determine your Internet needs.
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