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Getting more for your money

Traditionally when we purchase products and services, they pass from a manufacturer to a wholesaler, who sells them to a retailer. They are advertised by the retailer, who eventually supplies the consumer. Each time costs and profits have to be added. The Home Shopping Revolution means that discerning consumers can buy products and services direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler. You can now order a whole range of products from the comfort of your own home.

The Home Shopping Service

It is possible for you to calculate your requirements and arrange for most everyday items to be delivered to you as and when you need them.

Eliminate having to remember to purchase or order items, loading and unloading heavy items from supermarket shopping and those long shopping lists.

Gain the convenience of quality products delivered. The opportunity to save money and but at wholesale prices. Time efficient, cost efficient shopping.

How can you benefit from this major trend?

The conventional way of doing business:


Compare this to what happens when you deal direct:

By cutting out the middle men, this system creates many cost savings or money making opportunities for you.

You can become a Client

You can become an Authorised Shopper

Why pay retail price?

As an Authorised Shopper you have the opportunity to deal directly at wholesale prices, saving time and money by having quality products and services that you use frequently, delivered to your home.

Not only does this cut out shopping trips, time wasting queues and petrol expenses, but also by being able to buy at wholesale you can make savings of 20% - 30% off normal retail prices.

Guarantees...... A range of almost 1000 products and services to chose from at wholesale prices and with full money back guarantees.

Choice....... A complete range of consumables including Personal Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Laundry Care, Home Care, Car Care, Health and Nutrition plus many brand named non-consumables.

Think and Act Smart

Many people are familiar with receiving reward points on their purchases. The larger supermarkets operate a reward card system as a thank you for choosing to shop with them.

The next time you are queuing at a supermarket checkout, reward card in hand, turn and look at all the other people in the queue behind you and at all the other checkouts. Imagine how you would feel if you could have all their points added to your card! Nothing would be taken from them; the points would simply count twice - once for you and once for them! We have operated a similar system on a monthly basis since 1959. But offer a significant advantage.

This is how you benefit......
Introducing others to the benefits of home shopping helps them and can significantly increase the rewards for you. So how can you make an additional income, and have fun, with this exciting opportunity?

You can become a Home Shopping Consultant

However, you may chose to specialise in an area of particular interest and training is available to enable you to gain knowledge in areas such as:

Obviously in starting a business of your own there are always some expenses. For a Home Shopping Consultant this may include a small increase in your telephone bill, additional petrol expenses and investment in some training.

IBS's independently developed training systems are made up of many different elements. These include tapes, books, business seminars, and personal guidance from a successful Business Development Consultant.

You can become a Business Development Consultant

The IBS Training System

The business training available through business books, training tapes, business seminars and personal training, is second to none.

No-one in this business has ever been held back by lack of experience, if they are willing to learn.

Why become a Business Development Consultant?

Each person will have their own reasons. However, they do tend to fall into certain categories.

Probably the most obvious reason is to create additional income but without the usual drawbacks such as large start up costs, the purchase of stock, equipment or premises. As a Business Development Consultant you can operate from home, giving help, advice and training to Authorised Shoppers and Home Shopping Consultants.

The scale of your business and therefore the amount of income you generate is determined by you. The potential however is very exciting. A significant extra income can be achieved within a few years of part-time working and is usually developed alongside a job or career.

In the current economic climate, the days of a "secure job" are long gone and people are now looking to several sources of income to protect them in the event of redundancy or other unforeseen circumstances. Our security though, is in direct proportion to our ability to perform the job. If we are unable to work it usually means our lifestyle is affected. This is different! As a Business Development Consultant you can develop a large home shopping business that creates a residual income which comes in month after month whether you are able to be there or not, providing real security.

By creating an independent income you will find that life can be an exciting adventure for you and your family.

Something for Everyone

As a Client or an Authorised Shopper you can save time and money; as a Home Shopping Consultant or Business Development Consultant you can create additional income.

Many people come into the opportunity as an Authorised Shopper to become familiar with the system and then progress, in time, to create an income, especially when they see how very simple and effective this can be done.

What Next?

To find out more about the Home Shopping Revolution, click here and talk to the person who gave you this information.
They will be able to explain more fully the particular options that interest you.