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Don't let discomfort rule your life.
You know the feeling. You feel active and fit, ready for anything, and then your body starts sending you signals that something doesn't feel quite right. You try to ignore it but the feeling persists, and eventually you have to stop what you are doing.
That's discomfort.
It's the body's way of protecting you against further damage, and it can happen to anyone, whatever their age.

Sometimes the feeling is persistent, and the sensation won't go away. This type of prolonged discomfort no longer serves as a protection mechanism. It can be so troublesome that it overtakes your life and stops you doing the things you want to do.
Now there's a revolutionary new way to relieve discomfort:-

MAGNABLOC™ Personal Magnets help in the management of local discomfort and leave you to enjoy life to the full.
Magnets have been used in many different cultures for centuries, but only recently scientists have discovered a unique method to increase the power of magnetic arrays.

The time has come to take action against discomfort - What a relief!

Discomfort - It's all in your head!

MAGNABLOC Technology uses four magnets - Feel the Power

MAGNABLOC can be used to relieve reoccurring, persistent discomfort - Feel the Benefits

MAGNABLOC is available in a number of forms - Product Range

MAGNABLOC can be applied in a number of ways - Product Application

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If you would like to read an unbiased, well researched, very informative free on-line book called "BIOMAGNETIC HEALING" about magnetics written by Mr. Gary Null, ( a very prolific author) please click HERE to visit his web site, its about 75 pages long but contains lots of information. If you don't have the time right now to read it, just copy it and read it later at your leisure.

Remember: Just like other products which aim to reduce discomfort, MAGNABLOC may not work for everyone, or on all types of discomfort.
If your discomfort persists, even after the magnets have been repositioned, please consult your Doctor.

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